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AC Logix: Critical Air Solutions
AC Logix: Critical Air Solutions


Are you adding more servers and computers to an already under conditioned room?

Are your compressors running 24x7 and never cycling off?

Do you have an overage of cooling capacity but wonder why you have stagnation or troublesome hot and cold spots?

Under-conditioned rooms, compressors running continuously and troublesome hot and cold spots can and do lead to higher energy costs. Addressing these issues effectively do not necessarily require the installation of more air conditioning. Let AC Logix, Inc. adjust and balance your existing system before you consider the more costly action of new systems and/or locations.

Let your concerns become our concerns. We will provide an initial consultation, free of charge, to determine your specific needs and outline the most cost effective solutions. Whether it is a duct redistribution or a thermostat relocation? No project is too small or insignificant.

AC Logix, Inc. will assume complete responsibility for whatever solution you elect, including the preliminary load profile, title 24 calculations, design, City permitting and on-site inspections. We will professionally repair or install the most reliable and efficient equipment on the market today.

AC Logix, Inc. proudly installs, maintains and services most brand names of manufactured computer room grade air conditioning equipment on the market today including: