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AC Logix: Critical Air Solutions
AC Logix: Critical Air Solutions


AC Logix, Inc. technicians are fully trained and possess many years of "hands-on" experience servicing and repairing all applications of Critical Environmental Control Systems, including APC, Liebert, Data Aire and Stultz ATS.

The skills possessed by AC Logix, Inc. technicians while working on mission critical equipment, in conjunction with their strong knowledge of comfort cooling and heating experience has created technicians that have the experience to handle any service problem that may arise in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

If the integrity of your air conditioning system is in question, your data center infrastructure could be at risk. Timely preventative maintenance inspections that include high efficiency filter changes, amperage, voltage and pressure readings, safety control checks, system adjustments and performing needed repairs can extend the life expectancy and improve the energy efficiency of your cooling equipment. Proper maintenance can significantly improve the ROI and slow the necessity of a capital expense.

The AC Logix team is extremely diverse and competent in delivering the most efficient and economical services available. Every service is performed with the goal of eliminating the likelihood of costly downtime due to environmental conditions. Our technicians are fully trained and possess many years of experience servicing all applications of Critical Air Systems. We also offer skilled experience for all types of applications from commercial office buildings to central plant cooling towers, chillers and pump stations.

Existing equipment warranties? Rest assured that the AC Logix team will literally inherit the equipment warranty and see that your Company’s interests are protected by providing thorough documentation for components failures to the appropriate manufacturer’s representative.

Let AC Logix provide your company with an alternative cost effective service program that embodies our unmatched level of support and customer service, backed by our 24x7 on-site emergency response.